Cornwall Public Library Policy for Use of Library Display Case

  1. Cornwall Public Library’s display case is intended for exhibits or displays related to Library business or activities, or public service items of educational, cultural or civic interest to the community.

  2. Displays may not be used for explicit advertising or for-profit promotional purposes.

  3. Identification of the sponsoring individual/agency must be included in the display.

  4. The duration of the display is established at the discretion of the library. The library’s policies take precedence of those of exhibitors. Should the library require the display case for its own use, the library reserves the right to pre-empt space upon three days’ notice to the exhibitor.

  5. Installation and subsequent removal of displays are the responsibilities of the applicant. Displays that are not removed on or prior to the date established by the library will be removed by the library. Any expense for such removal becomes the responsibility of the exhibitor.

  6. Neither the library nor the library board accepts responsibility for loss or damage to any exhibit or display.

  7. The library does not necessarily advocate or endorse the viewpoints of any party permitted to use the display case.

  8. Potential exhibitors must complete an application and release form before library management will consider any exhibit or display. No installations are permitted without authorization of library management.

  9. The library reserves the right to decline or remove any display or exhibit it deems is not in keeping with the Mission of the library.

  10. If the library's display case is damaged by the exhibitor or the exhibitor's collection, the exhibitor is responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement of the display case. 

Library Liaison: Beth Texter

Contact Info (845) 534-8282, ext. 212 – e-mail: