Unsupervised or Unattended Children

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The Cornwall Public Library welcomes children to use its facilities for customary library activities.  Responsibility for children under the age of eighteen using the library rests with the parent, guardian, or assigned chaperone, not with library personnel.  Parents need to be aware that the public library as an institution does not have legal “provision of care” responsibilities. 

For the protection and well being of children enjoying the library building and grounds, the following policy has been established:

  • Unless participating in a library program that does not require a parent in the room, children 5 years old and younger must be supervised in all parts of the library, including meeting spaces, hallways, and restrooms, by an adult at all times. 
  • Children under the age of 10 may not be left unattended in the library building – they must be accompanied by a parent or supervised by someone at least 15 years of age.  Staff will notify parents/guardians of this policy when children are left unattended repeatedly and/or for long periods of time.
  • The library is not to be used as a latchkey/babysitting site at any time.
  • Children in the library need to know how to contact a parent/guardian.  They should also be aware of the library’s closing time.  If an unaccompanied child is at the library at closing time, the police will be contacted if deemed necessary.
  • Library staff cannot provide food, money, or transportation to children, with the exception of snacks during library programs.
  • Library telephones are available to the public for emergencies only.
  • Library staff cannot take responsibility for a child in the case of a medical emergency.
  • All children are expected to follow this policy in addition to the library’s “Library Manners” policy and all other library policies.  Children may be asked to leave the library and/or the parent or guardian may be called if proper behavior is not maintained. 
  • Continued violation of these or other library rules by a minor may result in mandatory parental supervision while the minor is in the library building. 

Amended 10/9/2012; 7/8/2014